Costel Iftime

My mission is to help you craft a winning strategy for building a sustainable business!

Experience & Activities

It is important to know where you are heading, in order for you to go there.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Costel, I have almost 10 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, I’m passionate about business strategy and continue learning.

In almost 10 years of entrepreneurship, time in which I have built 2 different businesses, I had the chance to come across a variety of problems in all the areas of a business. From financial, to marketing, from people management to operational management, I had my share of challenges. With a curious mind, I looked at them as another opportunity to learn, and I dive deep to break down those challenges and overcame them.

Some problems that I have encountered I overcame them by trial and error, others by actively learning and researching for a solution, and some of them by working together with a mentor.

Over the years, I have developed a real passion for reading, especially books that I taught will help me better understand the business world. With every book I have read on the subject, I understood, more and more, how little I know, and this feeling further fuel my desire to read more.

Reflecting my journey, connecting the dots, and put it all together, I saw that most of them could be avoided if we would work around a framework, and we could learn from those who already did those mistakes before us.

Also, I always try to look back to see how I would proceed, if I would be in the position to be confronted with the same problem, but with the additional experience and knowledge that I have accumulated meanwhile. This is how I created a framework for taking decision. Over time, this framework becomes a framework for building a business. Now is a Strategic Framework for building sustainable businesses that can be applied in any industry.

Why I started this project?

I have started this project as a way of sharing with you, the entrepreneur who is looking for a strategic approach to build a sustainable business. I feel like the experiences that I have worth shared and that I can provide you with a step-by-step framework that can help you build a sustainable business.

How it works?

I can’t promise you I can give any shortcuts, but I can help you put the basis of a sustainable business that is set up for success.

It will be a long journey, with at least 25 chapters that you need to go through and use the materials in them for building your successful business. You will need to implement, day-by-day, what you will learn from this platform in order to build your master plan.

This will be a test of resilience, that will put your passions and your learning abilities at test. In order to overcome the frustrations that you will encounter, approach this with the mindset of a student. I recommend you to ask for help, if something is not clear or if you cannot see how different correlations are made.


              Keep in mind that design proceeds execution, and if you are serious about reaching your goals, you must be serious about making the design.

              I will not say: “You should follow your passion!” or “If you are passionate about it is enough!” I can’t lie to you. In reality, things can be challenging, and not every passion is worth being pursued as a business, especially because building a business needs a certain market condition in order to succeed.

Even if, to be passionate about what you are doing is it important, the real things that will fuel up your business growth are: a positive cash flow, market fit and YOU – by having a strong resilience to blockers and stress, by having a mindset for improving and by having the right mindset for continues learning.

              It is important to understand from the start that no matter how big or small your business will be, go through the same learning process. You will need to understand the basis of finance and accounting, you will need to have solid knowledge about marketing and sales, you will need to understand the market you are working in, to analyze your competitors and to build a relation with your stakeholders. It will be a long learning process, and it is better to be set for success.