A step-by-step strategic framework for long-term business success!

Prepare your business for success!

I will take you through a step-by-step strategic framework, design to take you from the desire of being an entrepreneur, to building a strategy and scaling up your business.

The framework has 25 steps, and it takes you through all the main pillars of building a business, as presented below.


Understand the market, the competition and macroeconomic conditions.


Always start with the customer. Conduct a VOC and understand the CTQ and Delights.


Positioning strategy

Find an open position on the category ladder that is already in the mind of your future customer.


Branding Strategy

Craft the Branding Strategy that will allow you to own the position that you found.


Marketing and Sales

Find the right marketing tactics to support the Branding Strategy and to generate qualitative leads.


Financial Model

What are the fixed costs, variable costs, direct and indirect costs? What is the expected revenue?



Your first draft will be based on educated assumptions. You need to test those in the market.


Scale up

Take the feedback, improve the business model and the product. Find the finance and scale up.

#1 Where to start as an entrepreneur?

Where to start as an entrepreneur? Even from when we are little, we used to imagine ourselves in different situation....

#2 How to do an industry analysis?

How to do an industry analysis? Different industries have different particularities. Some of them have higher barriers to entry, others...

#3 Mapping the supply chain

Mapping the supply chain Now that you have decided in what industry you will build your business, you can make...

60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years!

Don't let yours be one of them!

Even if is easier than ever to start a business these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow  and scale it.

Most entrepreneurs are starting with the wrong foot right from the beginning. They start from an idea, not from a real need of a group of customers. This will further trigger a series of challenges hard to overcome and will make the building of a successful business almost impossible.

Starting from an idea, will make you focus on the internal things over which you have control. This will encourage you to make a business plan, leaving aside the external factors that you usually need to take into consideration when you are building a strategy.

Building a Business Plan is important, but more important is to build a Business Strategy. 

Building a Business Plan without a Business Strategy will trigger further down the road, (at least) the following challenges: 

  1. You will not have an industry analysis, and an educated estimation of the potential profits of that industry. This means that you can’t take into consideration the opportunity cost.
  2. You will not be able to build a Positioning Strategy, and will be difficult to find an real differentiator, around which to build your brand.  
  3. You will not find product fit, and you will not be able to scale the business. 

Costel Iftime

This is why we started Strategic Kingdom – to provide entrepreneurs like you with a step-by-step strategic framework for building sustainable businesses. 
To build this strategic framework, we have put together over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, over 100 books studied on the subject, and a long list of challenges overcame by trial and error. Use our Strategic Framework and build your business right from the first time. 


1. How can I access the strategic framework?
Access the framework via the following link: How to build a Business Strategy?, and start building your business step-by-step.

2. How much does it cost?
It is a free framework that you can use it without any payment. If you use the information from this website on other platforms, please cite the source.

3. Where should I start?
I would suggest that you go through all the steps of the framework. This way, you will better understand the correlations between steps, and you will better connect the dots. 

4. How can I take most of this content?
I would recommend you to go through each material with your specific situation in mind. Also, after each material that you read, do your homework and apply what you learned for your business. Just after you have the answers to all the questions, go to the next step. 

5. What should I do if I do not understand something?
In this case, you can dive deep by reading the additional resources provided at the bottom of each article. Alternatively, you can write us an email, and we will do our best to answer to your questions. 

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